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When you’re strange

In Getting oriented, The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Shanghai by Miranda Burnham1 Comment

In terms of feeling lost in my new city Shanghai has felt both completely foreign and completely comfortable at the same time. The feeling of comfort stems from all the familiar trappings of city life: crowds and taxis, nightlife and subways, fluorescent lights and constant noise. All of that is incredibly familiar, despite most of the signs being in Chinese …

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Watch Your Step

In Buenos Aires, Getting oriented, The Art of Travel Fall 2015 by Nina1 Comment

Buenos Aires is a fairly logical city, geographically speaking. Whereas only a portion of New York is designed like a perfect grid, essentially all of Buenos Aires is set up in this way. When the conquistadors from Spain were establishing the cities of South America, they all followed a generally similar pattern so as to create a uniform look throughout …

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A Feedback Loop

In Getting oriented, The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Shanghai by Sammy SongLeave a Comment

Against the risk of being too far-removed from the assigned topic of disorientation in the literal sense, here I want to thematize an idea recurring from my previous post—namely, the process of image-making a symbolic model of the external world whereby the “environment suggests distinctions and relations” as the image-maker “selects, organizes, and endows with meaning what he sees. The …