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Are you feeling it now Mr. Krabs?

In Arriving, The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Shanghai by Miranda BurnhamLeave a Comment

Before reading the assigned articles, my post about Shanghai was going to be completely different. I was going to detail my various misadventures thus far, from getting ripped off by taxi drivers to trying to buy laxatives without speaking Chinese, making sure to speak about how Chinese KFC really is better. But now I realize I haven’t had the chance …

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In Arriving, The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Madrid by Maggie BorehamLeave a Comment

When I boarded the plane to Madrid, I was filled with all sorts of anxieties: Did I pack too much? How well do I actually know Spanish? How is my über high-maintenance American digestive system going to manage Spanish cuisine? For the entire duration of the 8 hour 56 minute flight from Dallas these thoughts bounced around in my head. …

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Pushing Past Discomfort into Self-Exploration: An Italian-American in Florence

In Arriving, Florence, The Art of Travel Fall 2015 by Julia Krom1 Comment

When I arrived in Florence last Monday, it was like returning home. I studied dance here during the summers after my Junior and Senior years of high school. My knowledge of this city at one point surpassed my knowledge of New York. Why then, I’m sure you’re wondering as I’ve also wondered to myself, would I decide to experience my …

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The End of the Affair…and the Beginning of Another?

In Arriving, Buenos Aires, The Art of Travel Fall 2015 by Nina1 Comment

I originally attended a small, liberal arts school in upstate New York, but for various reasons, I transferred to NYU. Though initially unsure whether I was taking a liking to a new, large university and city atmosphere, both of which were novel experiences to me, I began to fall in love with the fast paced, ever-stimulating metropolitan lifestyle. Having spent …

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C’est la Vie

In Arriving, The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Paris by Firozah NajmiLeave a Comment

My pulse races. My breaths quicken. Lightheadedness overcomes me. You might think I’m referring to the stunning views, the relaxed pace of life, or the inescapable bewilderment of starting over in a new city. But mostly I’m just fatigued from unpacking two near-50lb suitcases. My name is Firozah, and I’m a New York City native. You don’t see too many of us at NYU, …

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A Surplus of Meaning

In Arriving, The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Shanghai by Sammy SongLeave a Comment

For objects and events to contain the oversaturation of their significance within their discrete, self-defining bounds lest any unit of meaning lose itself in a boundaryless unintelligibility, the experience of those objects and events must be an ongoing process of selective trimming, editing, and framing whereby those very objects and events here presupposed in themselves cannot exist beyond this grid …