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Anyone who knows anything about Czechs knows that they love Vaclav Havel. Czech are not typically inclined toward religion, but if any figure is a deity in this country, it’s him. A playwright turned dissident turned president, Havel has a resume that is unsurpassed. His legacy lives on on the daily here in Prague, whether it’s getting a day off …

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Just A Tip

In The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Prague, Tips by Vivian1 Comment

I don’t have much advice for anyone coming to Prague… except maybe to DO IT. I’m a firm believer in always choosing to discover for yourself when it comes to taking risks, but there are few things I actually managed to get right and might actually be helpful for someone. Stay awake. I’m a part of that small group of …

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Passing Thru

In The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Prague, Strangers by Vivian1 Comment

There is a bittersweetness to meeting strangers… the fleeting conversations that you barely remember, and won’t be able to recall again. There’s also a purposefulness to it, as though all the small decisions you made previous to the meeting had lead to this specific person, thought it lasts for only a margin of the time it took to get there. …

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A Home-Made Thanksgiving

In The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Prague, Thanksgiving by Vivian1 Comment

Though I’ve never had a generic, American Thanksgiving, I don’t feel as if I’ve missed out on any thanks. I’ve had a variety of cuisines on Thanksgiving throughout the years; Chinese potlucks, Japanese sushi, American burgers, but never true Thanksgiving food with blood-related family. Thanks to popular culture, I know exactly how a stereotypical Thanksgiving might occur, and I’m not …

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Having Incidents

In The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Prague, Mishaps by Vivian1 Comment

Those who know me well know that I am no stranger to *ahem* fuck-ups, but surprisingly enough, I haven’t had any significant mishaps while travailing this semester. This just goes to show how much I’ve depended on Wi-Fi (it’s embarrassing how much time during my nine trips so far I’ve spent in pursuit of this amenity). Ok, I lied about …

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The Black Lake

In The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Prague, Art & Place by VivianLeave a Comment

I’ve always wondered what processes other people go through when they visit an art museum, or any museum for that matter. For me, I will typically read the description of the exhibit first, then observe the art or artifacts, and inspect more closely those that interest me. Last week, my expressive cultures class took us me the National Gallery in …

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“I’ll Keep You In Suspense”

In The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Prague, Politics by Vivian4 Comments

So I’m assuming we’re talking about American politics? I’m ashamed to say I almost didn’t register to vote. Not that I hadn’t tried to, it just didn’t come up in my to-do list for about… a year? Maybe it’s because I still feel disconnected from American politics, even though I’m thoroughly, 100%, American. Nowadays, I almost flinch when people assume my …

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Must or Bust

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What a coincidence that the Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera has had such an unbearable weight upon my life the last two weeks. I’ll forever treasure the novel for being my travel companion during my trip to the Amalfi Coast, an uncomfortable crutch in my armpit, reminding of my scholarly responsibilities. But there are worse burdens to carry, …

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Part-time Student, Part-time Useless Bum

In Daily life, The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Prague by Vivian2 Comments

After extensive research and attending college for one year, I’ve decided I have discovered the formula for a fulfilling university experience. It consists of a balance of three things in order to maintain the sanity: work, play, and self. While this might not be groundbreaking, if I can somehow incorporate all three points of this Golden Triangle, I usually find …

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Orchestral Observations

In The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Describing, Prague by Vivian1 Comment

Disclaimer: It’s difficult for me to totally remove myself from a scene to describe it. My inevitable narcissistic qualities make it practically impossible to imagine a world that does not revolve around myself, a fact that did not change when I visited the Prague Symphony Orchestra. Rather than reducing myself to a tiny ant in a swarm of activity, I …

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In Communicating, The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Prague by Vivian1 Comment

I’d arrived at the nail salon to relax, get a silent, peaceful pedicure, and heal my aching feet after a wild birthday weekend. What I didn’t expect was to be bombarded with sounds coming from mouths that I did not understand. Around me, the customers and employees were chattering in Czech, Vietnamese, Chinese, and English, overwhelming me, and causing me …

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In Disregard of Home

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I’ve been told studying abroad will be the peak of my existence. It doesn’t get better than this, eighteen years old, living the dream! I’m a sophomore in Stern studying Marketing and Information Systems with a minor in BEMT at NYU Prague. Some of my favourite things include karaoke, coffee shops, and animals wearing clothes. An experienced tourist from humble …