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Do I recommend?

In The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Sydney, Tips by Tamera2 Comments

I will begin by stressing that if you are studying abroad in Sydney in the fall, bring warm clothing. When you first arrive, you will be in Australia’s winter. Even though, by the time you leave it will be summer, I wish I had brought an actual jacket, hoodie, sweater, and raincoat. It doesn’t get New York cold, but it …

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In The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Sydney, Thanksgiving by Tamera1 Comment

I am going to be honest and say this Thanksgiving was far better than I expected it to be. I didn’t have high hopes for it, and for the past few weeks, I have been dreading the day. Thanksgiving is when all my family gets together, and I see some family members and friends that I haven’t seen since the previous Thanksgiving. …

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Misadventures of Waiheke Island

In The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Places, Sydney, Mishaps by Tamera3 Comments

I cannot think of a specific misadventure I have experienced while in Australia; however, there definitely were a couple during my fall break trip to New Zealand. Because of differences in scheduling, availability, and also interests, I had to travel to New Zealand alone. I mainly stayed in Auckland, in the north island, for my entire stay. Unfortunately, I wasn’t …

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Alone with the Gods

In The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Sydney, Art & Place by Tamera1 Comment

I have chosen a quite peculiar art instillation, or exhibit, that I haven’t forgotten about since I saw it in my first week in Australia. It is called “Alone with the Gods,” and I saw it at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. In previous blog posts, I have reflected on the learning aspects of Australian history and how that shapes …

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Oh Drumpf

In The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Politics, Sydney by Tamera1 Comment

Surprisingly, most of the Australians I have encountered and spoken politics with are as fearful of Trump winning as I am. Growing up, I was always taught that America is the best and that the world revolves around America. This is obviously not the case, and so I disagreed with this idea, so much that I underestimated the global power …

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“Singing the World Into Existence”

In The Art of Travel Fall 2016, Book #1, Sydney by Tamera1 Comment

Songlines, written by Bruce Chatwin, an Englishman, tells the story of Bruce’s journey through Australia, in pursuit of understanding how the Songlines work. He learns from the various Aboriginal people he meets, of different tribes and totemic ancestors, and Arkady, former teacher in Walbiri country and basically Bruce’s tour guide. Songlines is the European term. According to Chatwin, Aboriginal people call it …