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The Doctor’s Office

In A Sense of Place, 9. Placelessness by Sarah

I walk in and something to the likes of ammonia blasts into my nasal canal and brings with it a strong sense of nostalgia.  I walk a few steps to the front desk and the lady behind it says nothing.  She just sits there wearing disney-themed scrubs and continues to look at her computer.  There is a sign in sheet …

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Buzzin’ Around

In A Sense of Place, 12. SOP 2.0 by Sarah

Have you ever been walking around, being guided by your maps application on your phone, and thought: “Ugh, I wish my right leg would just vibrate when I need to turn right so that I don’t have to look down at my phone all the time?”  Ya, me neither.  But, Marie Spinali, CEO of Spinali Designs, thought of it, as …

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Finding My Village

In A Sense of Place, 11. A Cosmopolitan Sense of Place by Sarah

When I think about my upbringing, I don’t think of it as very cosmopolitan.  While I traveled away from home rather often and visited many different countries and continents, my experiences at these places were never very native to the land.  When I say this, I mean that every time I traveled, I would stay at these very posh and …

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The Fair

In A Sense of Place, 10. Placemaking by Sarah

As a kid, I longed for June to begin and, once it did, I hoped July 4th would never come.  The reason that space of time was so important to me was because it was the time that the Del Mar Fair was up and running.  It was this amazing fair with all the rides I liked, a small zoo …

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In A Sense of Place, 8. The Vernacular Landscape by Sarah

Suitcase, check. Boarding pass, check.  I.D., check.  Three California burritos, check.  Yep, you are not mistaken, that was my sister’s checklist as she boarded the plane back to Villanova from Southern California after her first winter break home from college.  If you have never been to Southern California then you may think she is crazy, you’re probably a bit confused …

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What’re You Thinking About?

In A Sense of Place, 7. Sprawl and New Urbanism by Sarah

I didn’t grow up in a small town with small houses that all look the same with the perfectly manicured lawn.  Rather, in my small town, the houses were unique, the lawns were beautiful gardens, perfectly manicured hedges, waterfalls, pools, and grottos, and the beach.  However, despite the uniqueness to each house in my town, a sameness still existed amongst the …

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The Chelsea Hotel

In A Sense of Place, 6. Shock of the New by Sarah

As I moved to New York, West 23rd street became my new stomping grounds.  Before arriving, I found out that my street was also home to The Chelsea hotel, a landmark in New York known for being an artist colony.  In the 1880’s, a French architect Philip Huber designed the building in New York.  His approach was influenced by Charles …

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Finding Safety

In A Sense of Place, 5. Visions of Utopia by Sarah

I grew up in a small town on the beach where everyone was basically family, or at least a familiar face.  It was the type of town where you were never more than a mile from home.  To get anywhere where there was a large grocery store was at least a ten-minute drive and to any type of city or …

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A Place Within A Space

In A Sense of Place, 4. The Social Life of Places by Sarah

My friend and I walk through Golden Gate Park in pursuit of a day at the Botanical Gardens.  As we walk, we can’t help but notice the sporadic design of people that decorated the otherwise naked park.  Out of all of the space in the park, it is interesting to see which spaces are taken and which are not.  You …

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Lazy Cells!

In A Sense of Place, 3. City Form and Orientation by Sarah

It was the second week of school and my second week of being in this big ol’ city of New York.  And, of course, I am walking on University Place towards U-Hall housing and, as I cross the street, a man’s arm brushes mine and boom! There goes my phone.  Plopped on the ground in the middle of the street, …

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Sunday Market

In A Sense of Place, 2. The Spirit of Place by Sarah

No different than any other Sunday, I watch the outskirts of the La Jolla farmers market as I make my way to the entry.  I watch anxious kids run in— straight past the jewelry vendors and the fruits and vegetables— directly to the music and face painters.  I watch moms push strollers filled with crying babies find relaxation as their …

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The Shack

In A Sense of Place, 1. The Experience of Place by Sarah

A beautiful hut built with a thatched roof made by the most genuine loving hands of the community.  It sits sturdily by the oceanside day in and day out— a constant amongst the bustling locals and tourists, the tides, and the occasional weather changes.  To the lucky tourist who finds the shack, it is simply a destination for a few …