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Digital > Reality

In A Sense of Place, 12. SOP 2.0 by Rex2 Comments

The development of modern technology has developed another layer to the meaning of a sense of place. A sense of place can no longer only come from just the physical world, but also a new digital world made possible by Web 2.0 technology. Sometimes, even digital places manifest into the creation of physical places. When I was younger, my brother …

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An Evolving Cosmopolitan

In A Sense of Place, 11. A Cosmopolitan Sense of Place by Rex1 Comment

In as large of a country like the United States, both cosmos and heath sense of places tend to migrate to regional locations who advocate a stronger attachment to a particular view. Unfortunately, opposing views on a sense of place tend to segregate populations clustering people into groups of similar social and political views. The cosmos sense of place—abstract, rational, …

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Temporary Places

In A Sense of Place, 10. Placemaking by Rex1 Comment

For this post, I decided to focus on the concept of place making and place fabrication when it comes to temporary places. By definition, place making is reaction against public demand for a public place and often, results in either an authentic place that contributes to society or a faux place that takes away from the potential of creating a …

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Rest Stops: The Placeless Place

In A Sense of Place, 9. Placelessness by Rex1 Comment

While places are memorable and make an impression on our conscious, places that fail to do so are dubbed “placeless”, a void of empty emotion and forgetfulness. These placeless places are uniform in their appearance, often serve a single function, and occupy small increments of a person’s time. Driving down I-75, which stretches the entire length of Florida, rest stops …

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Pepe’s Cafe: Classic Old Town ambiance in a Modern World.

In A Sense of Place, 8. The Vernacular Landscape by RexLeave a Comment

Whenever I travel to a new place, it’s the vernacular landscape that captures my attention diverting my gaze to observe the authentic representation of a place through the eyes of the locals. Sun kissed skin and salty hair come natural to the bohemian, island living locals in Key West, Florida—the last key on a stretch of islands located south of …

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Tampa Palms

In A Sense of Place, 7. Sprawl and New Urbanism by Rex2 Comments

My story of the suburbs and life within the tree-lined, perfectly manicured streets are quite similar to everyone else. The suburbs are designed to perpetuate the ideals of perfect nuclear family where there is a specific uniformity based off the values of education, space, and a false sense of community. I grew up in an affluent, upper-middle class suburb in …

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Postmodern Consideration

In A Sense of Place, 6. Shock of the New by Rex1 Comment

At the turn of the nineteenth century, architects began exploring with new forms that were perpetuated by advances in industrial technologies. Social pressures that arose from poor sanitation and overcrowding in dense urban metropolises looked towards modernist architectural theory to alleviate their burdens when it came to the built environment. Modernist architects like Robert Moses and Le Corbusier pioneered the …

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Fight Against Modernism

In A Sense of Place, 5. Visions of Utopia by Rex1 Comment

Beginning in the early to mid twentieth century, where new technologies made it possible for the development of high rise skyscrapers that continued with an emphasis on modernist style, there was a push for mistaking the culture and vitality of city streets as debilitated slums desperately pleading for redevelopment. The Modernist era emphasized three main principles that would later dominate …

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23rd & 3rd

In A Sense of Place, 4. The Social Life of Places by RexLeave a Comment

I’m currently living in Gramercy Green (aka Gram) and yes let me tell you the hype was all worth it. The twenty-two floors, huge lounge, basement gym; all you could ask for in a college dorm, however, I’m stuck on the second floor, so while all my friends get a view of the empire state building from their bedroom windows …

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Lost in Technology

In A Sense of Place, 3. City Form and Orientation by RexLeave a Comment

There is a certain feeling of disorientation and unfamiliarity one gets when encountering a new place for the first time. This disorientation overwhelms our senses causing an unpleasant nausea from trying to decipher a new location.  Luckily in this new age of smartphones and GPS, the ability to acquire a sense of direction is conveniently located in the palm of …

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False Paradise

In A Sense of Place, 2. The Spirit of Place by Rex1 Comment

Our interpretation of a place is a result of the stimuli that surround us once we are in a particular place allowing us to perceive our environment and then come to a conclusion based off how the place makes us feel. The ability to exploit the features of a particular place to attract attention has been a marketing tool used …

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In A Sense of Place, 1. The Experience of Place by Rex1 Comment

I grew up in a small beach town called Treasure Island on the western coast of Florida about forty minutes from Tampa. My house sat on a peninsula that jutted out from the mainland surrounded by the intercostal and Gulf of Mexico. Palm trees were off set by a blue backdrop and life went by a little slower where the …