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The first museum I visited in Berlin was the Bauhaus Archive Museum. For those who don’t know, Bauhaus was an important school of architecture, design, and art during the 20th century. When you think of those weirdly geometrical chairs, or those paintings of blue triangles and red squares, you are most likely seeing something Bauhaus inspired. I never really appreciated …

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In The Art of Travel Spring 2017, 8. Bubble, Berlin by Nathalie Kozak2 Comments

I remember going to all-inclusive resorts when I was a kid with my parents. I thought they were the coolest thing ever– free ice cream at all times, crazy pools with the coolest slides, fun activities all day long. What more could anyone want? I didn’t revisit this idea until I was a senior in high school, and had done …

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“I am a camera with its shutter open, quite passive, recording, not thinking. Recording the man shaving at the window opposite and the woman in the kimono washing her hair. Some day, all this will have to be developed, carefully printed, fixed.” (3). The first page of Goodbye to Berlin by Christopher Isherwood is quite characteristic of the entire novel. …

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In The Art of Travel Spring 2017, 4. The Soul of a Place, Berlin by Nathalie Kozak1 Comment

I have often heard words associated to different cities or countries. Paris? Romance. Cuba? Revolution. Australia? Adventure. Rome? Food. So what would be a defining word or concept that encapsulates Berlin? What a difficult question to answer. Due to its history, Berlin continues to be a city of multiple atmospheres. It is not homogenous when it comes to architecture, for …

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El Tesh

In The Art of Travel Spring 2017, 3. Observing, Berlin by Nathalie Kozak3 Comments

People aren’t dancing, they’re trance-ing. Enlarged pupils, sweat, chugging water. Lights flash faster than eyes open and close. Catch glimpses of people if you can. Fog, smoke, cigarettes, weed, thick, heavy, hot air. Humid. So humid. Is the beat dropping yet? The DJ teases the crowd. The tension builds. The bass hits harder, faster… Pa, pa, pa, papapapapapa. Suddenly, the …