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Text versus a Wave

In A Sense of Place, 12. SOP 2.0 by Leslie1 Comment

“Free Wi-Fi”. This is music to the ears to anyone trying to get a faster connection on their phone so they can finish their comment on Facebook. The internet has because a place where everyone and anyone with a smartphone or a laptop live in many hours a day. At least once a day, someone either asks me ‘Do you …

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Defending Washington Heights

In A Sense of Place, 11. A Cosmopolitan Sense of Place by LeslieLeave a Comment

Gentrification has been affecting many minority communities for some time now. Many white people go to black and Hispanic communities looking for cheaper rent and whine up kicking many Hispanics and black people out of their homes and begin gentrifying the area. The local stores start turning from authentic Mexican restaurants and fried chicken spots to Froyo and Starbucks. Rent …

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The Weird White Building

In A Sense of Place, 6. Shock of the New by Leslie1 Comment

I have walked by this building around 5 times when I would walk 7th avenue on a nice day out. I always felt like the building was out of place and awkwardly placed hear 14th street.  Until recently, I didn’t realize it was a hospital. I usually would walk by (from across the street, and I would have never guessed …

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In A Sense of Place, 5. Visions of Utopia by Leslie1 Comment

I have lived on my block for about 20 years now, and I never felt unsafe. In New York City, there are three types of streets: extremely busy, moderate amounts of people, and dead streets where you are 1 of 3 people or the only person on the street. Audubon is one of those more lonely streets. Since Audubon consists …

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In A Sense of Place, 2. The Spirit of Place by Leslie1 Comment

In front of Fairway in Harlem, 133rd street, there is a pier. When you google it, it’s called West Harlem Piers, but when you have been going there for years, it’s My Escape. Back in 2009, I was a freshman in high school. I first went to the pier with my friends. I don’t fully remember the first time I …

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Mi Comunidad

In A Sense of Place, 1. The Experience of Place by Leslie1 Comment

The two semesters I was away from home to dorm at NYU, I realized I was doing a lot to bring home with me. There are so many small things that make me remember or feel at home. Being around here for so long has made my community apart of me. I could literally draw you of most of 174th-182nd street …