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Nation Building

In A Sense of Place, Placemaking by Kahala Bonsignore2 Comments

This past J-term, I took a course called “Nation Building,” and it more or less covered the U.S.’s involvement in the ‘rebuilding’ of Afghanistan in the past decade or so.  I use quotes around the world ‘rebuilding’ because it is imbued with such controversy in the political sphere and is also relative to the different perspectives and interests at play.  …

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Epcot Theme Park

In A Sense of Place, No-Places by Kahala Bonsignore2 Comments

Inauthenticity, as Relph explains, describes an attitude and characteristic of placelessness—placelessness being the conception of a space that may be organized or built with a particular methodology, but evokes nothing more than its physical function.  This is not to say that such ‘places’ are useless, but rather that they are purely strategic.  One example I can particularly relate to is …

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Politics in Architecture

In A Sense of Place, Buildings by Kahala Bonsignore1 Comment

Wolfe brings up some very interesting perspectives on architecture and its historical narrative.  I had never really considered political associations with the design of architecture, but it certainly sparks my curiosity.  The idea that anything handmade would be associated with the bourgeois class and anything machine-made for the proletariat is quite profound given the working-class’s primary employment in factories during …

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Architectural Environment and its Effects on Social Behavior

In A Sense of Place, Vernacular by Kahala Bonsignore2 Comments

Jackson discusses the “vernacular landscape” in terms of places throughout history, and the present, that have been commonplace and have shaped particular social attitudes, morals, and even behaviors.  He stresses the historical association between the house—all of its symbols especially created on the interior—and the land—what its exteriorality signifies and the practices it has produced; however, he explains how the …

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Suburban California

In A Sense of Place, Suburbia by Kahala Bonsignore1 Comment

My experience growing up in a southern California suburban neighborhood can be summarized in a single word: waiting—waiting for the time to pass; waiting for the next life milestone; waiting on my parents to drive me somewhere or another; waiting in traffic.  Kunstler said it: most of his friends that he would visit in Long Island sat around doing nothing, …

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Ask Them

In A Sense of Place, Utopia by Kahala Bonsignore1 Comment

Jacobs’s primary argument in his book is that city planners and designers operate from a textbook perspective—they fail to include the concerns and desires of the people who will actually inhabit or put to use a space, and they instead create places that sound good in theory however find little practicality once resources have established them.  This, he vehemently condemns …

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Can City Formations Contribute to the Efficacy of State Institutions?

In City Form, A Sense of Place by Kahala Bonsignore1 Comment

Lynch’s analysis of the modern city—what ultimately makes it strengthen its public image—provides an interesting framework form which to explore the makeup of any city and speculate on possible weaknesses affecting efficiency.  As I have a deep interest various forms of governance especially in the Middle East and Central Asia, I thought it might be a fruitful experiment to apply …

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Creating Place

In Topophilia, A Sense of Place by Kahala BonsignoreLeave a Comment

The closet: with its door sealed shut, you can pass by unsuspectingly.  Shrouded in musk and mystery, the closet burrows into the back of your mind, emerging only when you sense something lacking.  Is it winter already?  You have lost your umbrella; you fling open the closet door, confronting a denseness unfamiliar to the autumn crisp.  Preparing for an onslaught …