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Reading Places

In A Sense of Place, Placemaking by Jaisal Kapoor2 Comments

Ever since I was old enough to read, my mother and I would go to the library together and come home with armfuls of books. Every library that I’ve been to has the same general structure: they have bookshelves, DVD stands, desks, computers, and chairs. You’re supposed to be quiet, unless you’re in an eating area (like some places in …

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Union Square: A Character Study

In A Sense of Place, Spirit of Place by Jaisal Kapoor1 Comment

In the text The Lure of the Local, author Lucy Lippard talks about local places and their relationship to personal memories. She describes place as the “latitudinal and longitudinal within the map of a person’s life”. After living around Union Square for over a year, I’ve developed a certain understanding of its spirit and culture. I believe that every place …

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Subway Musings

In A Sense of Place, New York Stories by Jaisal Kapoor1 Comment

After living in New York for a while, nothing I come across on the street seems extremely out of the ordinary to me. I’ve passed all kinds of people: some holding signs about US government conspiracies, the guy in the diaper and high heels who dances around ringing a bell and holding a sign that says “Love Portal,” and the woman …

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Nomad’s Land

In A Sense of Place, No-Places by Jaisal Kapoor2 Comments

As an international student studying in an American university, and studying away in other places through the university, I think I’ve developed an understanding of the “placelessness” that Edward Relph describes. He talks about “the possibility of a placeless geography, lacking both diverse landscapes and significant places,” implying that we are “at present subjecting ourselves to the forces of placelessness …

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30 Rock

In A Sense of Place, Buildings by Jaisal KapoorLeave a Comment

“When buildings talk, it is never with a single voice. Buildings are choirs rather than soloists, they possess a multiple nature from which arise opportunities for beautiful consonance as well as dissension and discord” – Alain de Botton, The Architecture of Happiness The idea that buildings are created as representations of different eras or schools strikes me as fascinating. In …

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Citizen Cars

In A Sense of Place, Vernacular by Jaisal Kapoor1 Comment

In his essay The Vernacular Landscape is on the Move…Again, J.B. Jackson discusses the concept of “the auto-vernacular landscape” (p 34). He puts forth the idea that many spaces are now designed to accommodate automobiles and hence become a part the daily environment. I think his argument is quite relevant, because it sheds light on the very presence of automobiles …

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Suburban Order

In A Sense of Place, Suburbia by Jaisal Kapoor1 Comment

Last year I visited one of my close friends who lives in the north of Stamford, Connecticut. We drove up to her house on a wide, winding road completely surrounded by trees. I remember feeling as if I were in a forest, but catching a few glimpses of houses behind some foliage every now and then. When we arrived at …

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Safety in Surveillance

In A Sense of Place, Utopia by Jaisal Kapoor1 Comment

In the second chapter of The Death and Life of American Cities, author Jane Jacobs highlights the importance of sidewalks in creating safety and dynamism in a city. She mentions how a successful city “is a complex order. Its essence is intricacy of sidewalk use, bringing to it a constant succession of eyes. This order is all composed of movement …

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Complex City

In Orientation, New York City, A Sense of Place by Jaisal Kapoor1 Comment

I’ve always been interested in the idea of new places. It’s strange how when first arriving in an unfamiliar place, you see it very differently from how you do after being there a few weeks, or even days. You no longer get lost as much, but the novelty of the being in another environment begins to wear off. In his novel …

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A Matter of Perspective

In City Form, A Sense of Place by Jaisal Kapoor1 Comment

In Kevin Lynch’s book The Image of the City, he mentions numerous ways and techniques that individuals use in order to read a city and orient themselves. Various structures present throughout the urban landscape serve as landmarks that help people navigate and find their way from one place to another. By depending on the saliency of these structures and the …

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Blueprint for a Beach

In Social Spaces, A Sense of Place by Jaisal Kapoor1 Comment

As someone who prefers wide open spaces to skyscrapers and towers, I happen to find myself on a beach whenever the opportunity presents itself. Sandy beaches are interesting spaces to observe because unlike most other public spaces, and contrary to William Whyte’s findings, people do not usually have to search hard for a place to sit. Last year, my friends …

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Firenze Time Capsule

In Topophilia, A Sense of Place by Jaisal Kapoor1 Comment

“In its countless alveoli space contains compressed time. That is what space is for.” – Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space When prompted to think of a place I truly love, my mind flashes back to a tableau vivant of ochre colored houses with slanted roofs, and a burning sky stretching miles into the future and the past. This sole …