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Phone and Spaces.

In A Sense of Place, 12. SOP 2.0 by Ivan

The growing popularity and affordable access to new technologies constantly results in reshaping of the urban landscape. Nowadays we can see the number of free Wi-Fi street stations, which may eventually reshape the use of devices and take thousands of mobile stores out of business due to unnecessity of the existing data plans. Similarly to this, the transition of music …

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Go Hard To Go “Home”!

In A Sense of Place, 11. A Cosmopolitan Sense of Place by Ivan

As I went through several previous posts, I noticed that most of us sharing the similar feelings with regards to cosmopolitanism as well as ideas of “home”. Like many of my great classmates, I was born in one place, lived in seven different locations prior to my arrival here, and eventually ended up spending the longest period of life in …

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The Mirage For Profit

In A Sense of Place, 10. Placemaking by Ivan

After we’ve discussed Ada Louise Huxtable “The Unreal America: Architecture and Illusion” in class I decided to read more of her work to carefully understand author’s standpoint on so-called faux public spaces. Here she says: “What concerns me as much as the state of American building is the American state of mind, in which illusion preferred over reality to the …

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“Safety” Over Originality

In A Sense of Place, 9. Placelessness by Ivan

As we move towards the process of globalization, there are more commonalities found in urban zones across the globe. As you travel from one destination to another, you may almost always expect the similar experience with regards to shopping, food services, types of recreation, and as the result, the lifestyle built upon the existing influence of multibillion corporations. For instance, …

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Always Knew Where My Friends Were

In A Sense of Place, 8. The Vernacular Landscape by Ivan

In the article called “The Vernacular Landscape is on the Move … again”, J. B. Jackson begins with a good point saying how middle-class Americans of his generation were taught “to isolate themselves from the street and what it stood for”, so the majority of time was spent indoors (24) I find it especially interesting as an immigrant who came from …

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City Boy Explores the ‘Burbs

In A Sense of Place, 7. Sprawl and New Urbanism by Ivan

I was born, raised and pretty much lived my entire life in some of the world’s major cities. As the result, I mostly feel comfortable when I stay in a high populated areas surrounded by scurrying people, apartment buildings, tons of little stores and casual chill spots. Even in New York, I refuse to consider any boroughs other than Manhattan, …

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Flame Towers

In A Sense of Place, 6. Shock of the New by Ivan

Last summer I flew to Baku to visit my close friends. Since I haven’t been there almost eight years, they decided to show me around and what had changed over the years. I was sincerely excited to see new parks, some restored buildings I remembered from the last time, as well as various summer cafes and lounges which provided a …

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Moscow City Slums

In A Sense of Place, 5. Visions of Utopia by Ivan

After I read Jacobs “Death and Life of Great American Cities” I was actually surprised by the amount of relevance of his critique to what’s happening in many world’s destinations and not just American Cities. In particular, his critique towards the irrational and even spiritless city development can be viewed as one of the major problems that exist far beyond …

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Plaza De Las Americas

In A Sense of Place, 4. The Social Life of Places by Ivan

Over the past few years, Washington Heights faced significant demographic, social, and as a result, visual changes. There are new bars, businesses, recreation areas, as well as community centers designed for the local inhabitants and their efficient cooperation and assistance. One of my favorite places in this regard called Plaza De Las Americas; a public space created to support local …

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Several Views on One Place

In A Sense of Place, 3. City Form and Orientation by Ivan

I moved to Washington Heights in 2012 and ever since then, the area had become my second home. When someone asks me for local directions, there are many images instantly emerge in my mind, but I can barely remember any street names or house numbers. Instead, my perception of the neighborhood is mainly built upon my personal interaction with local …

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Taste of Yemen

In A Sense of Place, 2. The Spirit of Place by Ivan

I came to the United States almost nine years ago. Since then there have been many changes; I became an American citizen, I have almost completed my studies in one of the most prestigious universities in the world, I became fully independent, and perhaps, I can proudly call myself a New Yorker, who like many of us, brings a unique …

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Walking Through My Dreamville

In A Sense of Place, 1. The Experience of Place by Ivan

During my experience at NYU I’ve met many young people who like me, never had a chance to experience a strong attachment to any particular place that could be called home in its very traditional sense. Since my family has traveled a lot, unfortunately, I cannot think of a single place that would connect me with the past entirely and …