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See You Later

In The Art of Travel, 15. Farewells, Florence by Isabel1 Comment

Wow. All I can really say is wow. I’m still finding it hard to grasp the idea that I’m leaving in less than a week. This experience was not what I thought it would be, and at the same time, it was exactly how I thought it would be. Let me explain. When I go into experiences such as this …

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Tips and Tricks

In The Art of Travel, 14. Tips, Florence, Places by Isabel2 Comments

I cannot believe that my time abroad is almost at a close. It has been such an eventful semester; there have been good times, bad times, and everything inbetween. I definitely have some tips and tricks for those coming to study in Florence that I would love to share, in no particular order. It’s ok to speak English. There will …

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Stuck in London

In The Art of Travel, 11. Travails, Florence by Isabel1 Comment

To start, I’d like to say that a part of me wishes I didn’t have so many stories of travel mishaps, but to err is human, so my life story is full of them. Perhaps the most frustrating “travail” moment happened when I was traveling back to Florence from London. In fact, this is probably one of the worst travel …

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A Tramp Abroad

In The Art of Travel, 10. Books (2), Florence by Isabel2 Comments

Twain’s accounts of traveling through Europe in “A Tramp Abroad” are very candid, filled with notes for the future and general observations of the things he and his friends saw. When he finally gets to Italy near the end of the book, I found a few sections that I could relate to, connect to, or disagree with. The first was …

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A Room with a View

In The Art of Travel, 6. Book #1, Florence by Isabel1 Comment

The first book I chose to read was “A Room with a View” by E. M. Foster. Right off the bat, I was reading about feelings and sensations I myself have felt, feelings that are universal to those who travel, particularly in Italy. If there are stages of grief, there are certainly stages of travel: excitement, fear, lost and found. …