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“Au revoir”

In The Art of Travel, 15. Farewells, Paris by Howard4 Comments

“Au revoir!” This is the phrase for ‘goodbye’ in French. It literally means ‘until I see you again’. At first, I used this phrase to everyone, and they replied the same too, even when we both knew well that we are not going to see each other again. So after a while, I generally stopped using this phrase. I’d rather …

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“A delicate tale of bliss”

In The Art of Travel, 13. Thanksgiving, Paris by Howard1 Comment

There is no Thanksgiving in France. French don’t even have a translation for “thanksgiving”. Thus, while all my American friends are taking their four-day break, I’m doing the usual routine. To me, Thanksgiving is more about the experience at night. I spent my last Thanksgiving in New York City, and all I remember was the empty streets in the daytime, …

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A familiar stranger

In The Art of Travel, 12. Strangers, Paris by Howard2 Comments

“Bonjour! Ca va?” “Bonjour! How are you doing, bro?” Every morning when I try to practice my French in the Boulangerie (Bakery) with this guy who works there, he always talks back in English to me. I never got his name. Let me call him Tom for now, since he looks a little bit like the Tom in Tom and …

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Karma police?

In The Art of Travel, 11. Travails, Paris by Howard4 Comments

My last week’s experience well prepared me for this topic. In short, my bag was stolen. It happened so quick that I spent the last few days pondering a question: How did it happen? I spent my fall break in Luxembourg and Frankfurt. While traveling alone there, I never had any worries about personal safety. I have traveled alone to …

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A moveable feast

In The Art of Travel, 10. Books (2), Paris by Howard2 Comments

The best part of reading a book while traveling is that you are not just constructing the picture in your head by imagination, but through reality. You can easily reflect the experience you have in the book onto the road you go. The past summer while my friend and I was road tripping across the United States, I was reading …

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Mona Lisa > Louvre ?

In The Art of Travel, 9. Art & Place, Paris by Howard1 Comment

If New York is the center of finance and art, then Paris is the center of pure art, and even purer art. When talking about the “heartbeat” of New York, one would easily think of Wall Street, Empire State Buildings, and Central Park. If you ask people, who have never been to Paris, for how they imagine Paris to be, …

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In and Out

In The Art of Travel, 8. Bubble, Paris by Howard1 Comment

This is a jazz bar my friends and I always go on every Friday night. I cannot recall the name of it, but it is near Notre Dame, close to Shakespeare bookstore, a place where one can easily find on trip advisor, and there are always people taking pictures under its plague. It has the most overpriced drinks in it; …

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My ex-friend Yelp

In The Art of Travel, 7. Travel 2.0, Paris by Howard1 Comment

Besides eating at a restaurant, another important activity closely relevant is to find a restaurant. But how do I find a restaurant? The way I usually did before was to ask for recommendation. There were always people around me who have tried really good restaurants so I simply asked them. Most of the time they would tell you what they …

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We are all outsiders

In The Art of Travel, 6. Book #1, Paris by Howard2 Comments

“We are all outsiders when we travel. Whether we go abroad or roam about our own city or country, we often enter territory so unfamiliar that our frames of reference become inadequate. We need advice not just to avoid offense and danger, but to make our experiences richer, deeper, and more fun.” (James O’Reilly et Larry Habegger) While I opened …

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How will France be?

In The Art of Travel, 5. Politics, Paris by Howard1 Comment

Started from the Enlightenment, figures such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau argued that individual rights could be guaranteed “only by a “social contract” among the citizens, thus suggesting the need for a formal constitution, which at the time neither the English nor the French had”. (Censer and Hunt, 35) Rousseau’s concept of “general will” simultaneously provided the origins of democracy and the …

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Bonjour from Paris!

In The Art of Travel, 1. Introductions, Paris by Howard1 Comment

Hi! My name is Howard Zheng, currently a sophomore year concentrating in Philosophy and Photography. I’m originally from Shenzhen, China, a large city right next to Hong Kong. Meanwhile, I’m pursuing my passion in the city of light – Paris. I chose Paris for its art culture already engraved and beyond. For my concentration, I anticipate to integrating conceptual photographs …