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On C

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One of my favourite things about Buenos Aires – just like New York –  is its encouragement and fostering of strong personalities. At any given time, it is totally plausible and easy for me to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of creative and intellectual energies around me. People are vocal, knowledgeable and ever ready to start a new important …

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5 tips for being a good “fake Porteño”

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So you think you want to spend an entire semester in Buenos Aires? Are you constantly faced with slightly confused NYU friends who think it’ll be a “brave but rewarding experience” when you tell them of your decision? (They’re probably right). Here are five tips that I have tried to drill into my head throughout the semester, hopefully they’ll help …

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Be the tourist you wish to see in the world

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I’d been looking forward to Thanksgiving break even before my semester in Buenos Aires began. Not particularly for the holiday itself (full disclosure: I’ve never actually celebrated Thanksgiving or eaten pecan pie) but because my best friend from New York would be flying 12 long hours twice during the weekend just to come see me all the way in Argentina. …

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sprng brk

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October 11. Spring break, Rio de Janeiro. Ipanema beach. I lounge in the white velvet sand, take in the cool 4PM spring breeze of Rio de Janeiro while sipping on fresh coconut water out of its shell. My friend Roberta, who I was seeing for the first time in four long years, is next to me, but beside her the …

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The Organisation of a Nation: A Reflection on Felix Luna’s A Short History of the Argentinians

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How does one begin to re-organise a country with a history of colonisation, military dictatorships and authoritarian leaders? Félix Luna, in his book A Short History of the Argentinians, talks about the “Argentinian people’s will to organise themselves federally” – not only in political, but in social terms too. He suggests that one’s “distinctive regional, provincial and local identities” affect …

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The Collective

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Argentina is a land marked by its gruelling political history of oppressive governments and military dictatorships. During the late 1960s, the country – like most of Latin America – was under an anti-Peronist authoritarian regime that called ironically called itself the “Revolución Argentina”. It was demoralised by the deep fissure that divided society into Peronists and anti-Peronists and forced everyone …

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Trump and “la otra candidata”

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The U.S. Elections are only 17 days and are getting more stressful than ever, so I’ll start this post with a good ol’ little game of Guess the Politician: Son of a millionaire, businessman-turned politician, neoliberal rightist, anti-immigrationist One’s first guess would probably be republican frontrunner Donald Trump, but Argentine president Mauricio Macri perfectly fits the bill too. The conservative …

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The Buenos Aires of the South: A Reflection on The Argentina Reader

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“Buenos Aires is known to be the Paris of the South”, said the proud tour guide while showing us around the Spanish-colonised, French-inspired, British-remodelled architecture of Plaza San Martín during a tour called ‘Buenos Aires: The city that looks, feels and tastes European’ on just my second day in the city. This notion of Eurocentrism that bombards the city and …

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Stop and smell (and see/hear/taste/touch) the roses

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1:00 PM at the weekly fair in the park by the Recoleta cemetery. A four-person band that has just assembled their instruments begins to warm up with slow jazz tunes on the green carpet. “Qué fresquito hace hoy, no?”, says a woman to her child who is buttoning her dainty blue cardigan after a cold breeze passes them. She looks …