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Gardens and Green in Placemaking

In A Sense of Place, Placemaking by Haley Gaston1 Comment

In Art Scape’s online article on “Approaches to Creative Placemaking,” they write: “Creative Placemaking can be used by communities to engage residents locally, enhance public space and contribute to healthy sustainable communities.” Today, I think placemaking needs to be geared towards making public space better while fostering health and sustainability. This is particularly important in a time when mass populations …

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Radda In Chianti

In A Sense of Place, Spirit of Place by Haley GastonLeave a Comment

Driving south of Florence, the car leaves the buildings of the city and winds in and out of forests and vineyards. Every few curves, the view opens up as fields of wheat and sunflowers expand from the side of the road into the abyss. Cypress trees and villas dot the scenery. After an hour, series of houses are bundled together …

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Placelessness of Highways

In A Sense of Place, No-Places by Haley Gaston1 Comment

When I get on Highway 101 South to head to the city, it is a mundane experience. The only thing I can see is the grey road, which sometimes turns black where it was recently paved. Pale grey barriers on either side of the south-bound lanes make up most of the landscape. Occasionally I’ll get a glimpse of a gas …

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Astor Place

In A Sense of Place, Vernacular by Haley Gaston1 Comment

J.B. Jackson believed that a culture was reflected in the landscape. He believed that there was a greater meaning in the everyday, mundane elements of a landscape and that man and landscapes became equal when viewed from alternate angles, emphasizing aerial photography. At a time when humans were really beginning to make an impact on the environment and on landscapes, …

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San Rafael

In A Sense of Place, Suburbia by Haley Gaston1 Comment

I grew up in an unusual suburb. My home is in San Rafael, Marin County. The city is across the Golden Gate Bridge, just north of San Francisco. Heading north on Highway 101, you get off at the downtown San Rafael exit. Taking the first right, you continue driving straight passing by: a shell station; a single KFC restaurant; a …

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Robert Moses

In A Sense of Place, Utopia by Haley GastonLeave a Comment

Robert Moses was born in 1888 in Connecticut. Before moving to New York, he received a BA from Yale, an MA from Oxford, and a PHD in political science at Columbia. In NYC, Moses began working for the municipal research bureau where he befriended the soon-to-be governor Al Smith. As Smith rose to power and was reelected in 1922, he …

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Boboli Gardens

In Orientation, A Sense of Place by Haley Gaston2 Comments

Rebecca Solnit, in her book Wanderlust, defines spatial relations: “The workings of the mind and the spirit are hard to imagine, as in the nature of time—so we tend to metaphorize all these intangibles as physical objects located in space. Thus our relationship to them become physical and spatial: we move toward or away from them” (Solnit 72). The importance …

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Point Reyes National Seashore

In Topophilia, A Sense of Place by Haley Gaston2 Comments

In Yi-Fu Tuan’s book, Topophilia, he defines ‘topophilia’ as “the affective bond between people and place or setting.” I find that my ‘topophilia’ resides in Point Reyes National Seashore. I was born and raised in Marin County, CA, surrounded by national and state parks. I spent all of my free time outdoors, from running to hiking to swimming to rock climbing to …