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To Whom It May Concern

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I think there are two main things I would pass along to people who are looking to study abroad in Sydney in the near future. One concerns the living arrangements while you are abroad and another concerns a travel destination. Currently, accommodations are organized by NYU, so until that changes this advice is not really applicable. However, I believe the …

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A Dark Chapter

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“To fight darkness is to fight yourself” – Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty In Rabbit-proof Fence Pilkington explores a variety of topics, but the theme that weighed on me the most was the personalization of one of the darkest chapters in Australian history: The Stolen Generation. To give a brief over of what I have learned about this topic …

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A Sad State of Affairs

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Art has always been a big part of my life. Both my parents were ballet dancers and once my athletic career slowed down I became a dancer too. It almost seemed inevitable for me to gain an appreciation for art. Although, I don’t mean appreciation in the academic sense. I really wouldn’t be able to tell you much about any …

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Danger Everywhere

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Bill Bryson’s In a Sunburned Country was an exceedingly interesting read and covered a lot of ground with a healthy dose of humour and excellent storytelling. The overarching journey that is undertaken in the book is essentially a multi-phase road trip, which covers many of the major cities along with some lesser known parts of Australia, or as he calls …

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We All Have Issues

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How the political climate in America is viewed by the rest of the world, seems to be very strange right now. This is particularly true here in Australia, where, from what I have gathered, a lot of the political cues are taken from the US. On the one hand, I get the sense that US politics is seen as a …

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New City, Same Me

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“All type of knowledge, ultimately means self knowledge.” – Bruce Lee Arriving in Sydney I would have thought that my brain would start to map the city by first remembering where all the big buildings and landmarks are, and then work on the finer details from there. However, what I learned is that mapping a city is a highly personalized …