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Adieu, Paris

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Paris, Looking back by Firozah Najmi2 Comments

I have just one week left in Paris. That’s hard to swallow. The last three-and-a-half months have been a whirlwind of excitement, novelty, and tragedy. It is still difficult to retrospectively identify how I have changed, but the countless blows to my metaphorical protective shell have revealed the gruesome real world to me. Paris broke my heart in more ways …

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Paris: Expectations VS. Reality

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Paris, Transformed by Firozah Najmi1 Comment

When I made the decision to spend a semester in Paris, I imagined myself journaling in cafés and spending late nights along the Seine sharing a bottle of wine with a stable group of friends. I saw myself spending time in picturesque bookshops and traversing bountiful outdoor produce markets on the weekends. In retrospect, I highly romanticized the idea of living …

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Experiencing Tragedy as the Other: A Reflection on Paris’ November 13th Attacks

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Paris, Misadventure by Firozah Najmi2 Comments

I am neither a citizen of France nor a permanent resident of Paris. For half of the academic year, however, I have been living in the stylishly bohemian 11th arrondissement, whose overall essence emblematizes utter youth. Everywhere you turn, 20-somethings laugh and smoke on the narrow curbs outside the bustling bars, and chic boutiques and concept shops are abound. The …

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Hemingway, Part II

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Paris, Books (2) by Firozah NajmiLeave a Comment

After reading Hemingway’s early memoir, A Moveable Feast, for my first book assignment, I decided to read the book which served as the end product of these experiences of growth as a budding writer in Paris: The Sun Also Rises. This novel is not so much a quintessential “travel book” either, but rather a commentary on the “lost generation” which is made reference to in A Moveable …

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Hipsters of Paris

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When asked to describe my neighborhood here in France, I mutter something along the lines of “the West Village of Paris”. Chic yet no-name boutiques, an abundance of eclectic bars, and dozens of ultra-modern ambiguous “design” shops all litter the streets of the 11th arrondissement. There’s always distant club music playing, and an unmistakable medley of Nutella crêpes mixed with …

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Debunking the Influence of Social Media

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Paris, Travel 2.0 by Firozah NajmiLeave a Comment

Frankly, I am sick of hearing my parents’ generation blather on about how dependent millennials are upon social media. It’s no secret that young adults trust the travel experiences of their likeminded peers; it just so happens to be that the platform by which this information is exchanged is online. The only generational difference here is the medium of communication, where word-of-mouth reviews …

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Hemingway’s Paris

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Paris, Books (1) by Firozah Najmi2 Comments

Hemingway’s posthumously-published A Moveable Feast is a collection of his experiences from his early years as a budding novelist in Paris. The book features several character sketches of his contemporaries, with the latter portion of the book focusing on F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife, Zelda. Hemingway also provides chillingly vivid descriptions of lower-class Parisian life. Some major themes include café culture, …

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Paris Fever

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Paris, Routine by Firozah Najmi1 Comment

Living in Paris has instilled an insatiable urge in me to create art — to paint, to photograph, to journal — a sort of “Paris fever”, if you will. I am constantly inspired by the details of the Parisian quotidian and led to create as a result. Though admittedly I am rarely satisfied with the end products of my creative self-expression, …

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Joie de Vivre

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Strolling, Paris by Firozah Najmi1 Comment

It’s no secret that Parisians are notoriously lackadaisical. Sunday, especially, is a day of relaxation, of spending time with family, and of botanizing the landscape on quaint strolls through the city. Today I spent my afternoon like a true Parisienne, picnicking in Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, a luxurious expanse of lush, rolling hills, babbling brooks, and scattered small lakes — all …

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On Paris, and the Other

In The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Language, Paris by Firozah Najmi1 Comment

I’ve come to find that the best compliment a Parisian can give my language skills is not defaulting to English. Maybe it’s written on my face, or maybe it’s my poor attempt at a French accent, but I am immediately and clearly labeled as the Other when initiating casual conversation, especially in a commercial setting. Most service workers don’t noticeably change …

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C’est la Vie

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My pulse races. My breaths quicken. Lightheadedness overcomes me. You might think I’m referring to the stunning views, the relaxed pace of life, or the inescapable bewilderment of starting over in a new city. But mostly I’m just fatigued from unpacking two near-50lb suitcases. My name is Firozah, and I’m a New York City native. You don’t see too many of us at NYU, …