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Facing the Fences

In The Art of Travel, 6. Book #1, Sydney by Falynn1 Comment

Considering that today is Columbus Day in America and that we’ve been discussing the topic of discrimination in my course Multicultural Counselling, the similar beginnings of Australia and the United States has definitely been on my mind. On the surface, it comes across that there is unity between the Aboriginal people of Australia and the other settled inhabitants. and equality …

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Vote Yes

In The Art of Travel, 5. Politics, Sydney by Falynn1 Comment

Since the day I entered Sydney, I heard talk on the news, radio, in restaurants, anywhere and everywhere about Australia’s Marriage Equality Postal Survey. At the moment, same-sex marriage is still illegal in Australia. This definitely surprises me, considering that the areas of Australia that I have seen or heard of are relatively laid back and socially progressive. Also, there …

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An Unexpected Underground

In The Art of Travel, 3. Getting oriented, Sydney by Falynn

I learned quite quickly that Sydney is a pretty straight forward city. Larger streets run north and south, like George Street, and smaller ones run east and west. Although not so grid-like, Sydney’s streets are similar to those of New York in that there’s a pretty clear path and direction. Something I didn’t know, but realized through exploring, is that …

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Learn a lot from the locals

In The Art of Travel, 2. Communicating, Sydney by Falynn

My father was born and raised in Levin, New Zealand. My father’s accent and way with words is something I don’t notice anymore. However, it becomes evident when friends meet my dad for the first time and I see the surprised and perplexed look on their faces. Even though we’re all speaking the same language, my friends can obviously pick …

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Making Sure Summer Never Ends

In The Art of Travel, 1. Introductions, Sydney by Falynn

There is nothing in this world I love more than a beautiful summer day spent at the beach. I wait for summer to come all year long and take advantage of every sunny day when it finally reaches June. I grew up in Long Beach, NY, spending nearly every day of each summer sitting in my Tommy Bahama chair, snacking on whatever …

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Social media, taking the community out of place

In A Sense of Place, 12. SOP 2.0 by Falynn

I love social media. I always have my phone on me, I can’t imagine leaving my apartment without it. I love posting pictures on my Instagram, connecting with family from around the world on Facebook, and typing out my random thoughts throughout the day on Twitter. Social media is an excellent platform on which to be social. It’s great for catching up with …

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Why not both?

In A Sense of Place, 11. A Cosmopolitan Sense of Place by Falynn

Moving to a massive metropolis is no easy task, especially at 18 years old. I remember the excitement I felt about spending the next four years in college and getting to explore more of NYC. I had high expectations of being best friends with the people on my floor, spending each weekend visiting museums and restaurants, and going out often. I …

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My Grandma’s Backyard

In A Sense of Place, 10. Placemaking by Falynn

Last year, my grandma decided to move from New York City, where she had lived since she first came to America in the 1960s, to Sandestin. Sandestin is a massive golf and beach resort on the Gulf Coast of Florida. It is often considered a gated city since it is comprised of over thirty neighborhoods with well over a thousand …

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Subway Store #30591

In A Sense of Place, 9. Placelessness by Falynn

Rincon is a municipality in the northwestern part of Puerto Rico. It is comprised of many small surfing beaches. There are multiple surf competitions held there each year, so many surfers and tourists visit and enjoy the beautiful beaches, sunsets, and water activities. Small businesses are found all over the town, including surf stores and coffee shops. The locals in the …

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The Road of Moneygall

In A Sense of Place, 8. The Vernacular Landscape by Falynn

Throughout my 21 years of life I have visited, or at least driven through, every county in Ireland. From the busy city of Dublin to the completely deserted dirt roads in Kerry, I have learned the formula to creating the in-between, the ‘vernacular’ village in Ireland. The first necessity is grass, tons of grass. The grass works as the dwellers backyards, usually where …

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Alys, a Wonderland

In A Sense of Place, 6. Shock of the New by Falynn

Last year, I went on a vacation to Florida’s panhandle for the first time. On this trip, my friends and I decided to spend one day driving along 30A, a state road that runs parallel to the shore of the Gulf of Mexico. Every few minutes on the drive, you pass through a new neighborhood that has its own unique …

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West is Best

In A Sense of Place, 5. Visions of Utopia by Falynn

If you know me, you know I am obsessed with my home city. Especially in a class where we discuss the topic of place, I am bound to mention the beautiful city of Long Beach, NY at least once a week. I’ve lived in Long Beach since I was three years old, and I have loved every second of it. There …