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Placing the Museum

In A Sense of Place, Placemaking by Emma2 Comments

I have written multiple posts on the idea of place and museums, exploring both their exterior public space and the impact of the design of their interior space. Both of these draw on the concept of placemaking in that museums are constantly attempting to make their spaces more comfortable for the visitors that roam through their galleries. Museums, in my …

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The Spirit in a Symbol

In A Sense of Place, Spirit of Place by Emma1 Comment

Not many cities have a designated city flag. Or rather, not many cities have one that its residents know about. This is not the case for Chicago, whose flag flies on almost every street corner and manifests itself in different ways through street art, tattoos, apparel and the like. It is interesting to think about how one simply designed piece …

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The Non-Place of Study Abroad

In A Sense of Place, No-Places by Emma2 Comments

I spent four great months at NYU’s multi-villa campus in Florence, Italy. One of my closest friends in the program hated it, constantly referring to the city as a whole as a section of Disneyland. While I do not think that the whole city of Florence has Walt’s touch on it, whenever I think back to Villa La Pietra and …

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Modernism and the Museum

In A Sense of Place, Buildings by Emma1 Comment

Museum architecture is a widely debated topic among the professionals in the museum world, and currently I am living in one of the top debates in American museums. The Whitney Museum, at which I intern, is currently in the process of moving from its Upper East Side building to a new Renzo Piano designed space in the the Meatpacking District. …

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The Consistency of Subway Stations

In A Sense of Place, Vernacular by Emma1 Comment

Living in New York City, it is almost impossible to separate one’s daily commute or routine from one of the 468  subway stations that loom under the sidewalks (and sometimes overhead). This space, in which we move quickly through and often do not acknowledge as more than a walking space between trains, is only this way because it is so …

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 A Suburb Created Before Suburbs

In A Sense of Place, Suburbia by Emma1 Comment

The concept of Suburbia always confused me growing up. I lived in a “suburb” of Chicago, but it was nothing like those described by James Howard Kunstler describes in his book The Geography of Nowhere. In Oak Park, there were rows how houses but none of them identical mini mansions that one envisions when thinking about suburbs. There are very …

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The Anatomy of a Stairwell

In Topophilia, A Sense of Place by Emma2 Comments

I spent my entire childhood in one home. Because I never encountered moving homes and changing setting, I became incredibly attached to the materiality of the space, there was a comfort in knowing every design in the wood floors and the stories behind the dents in the walls of our basement rec room. Now while these features are in my …