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“Where did you meet?”

In A Sense of Place, 12. SOP 2.0 by Ella2 Comments

Them: “Where did you meet your boyfriend?” Me: “Online.” Each time I am confronted with this question, either alone or when I am with him, I get a little uncomfortable. No doubt, online dating along with dating apps is a widespread phenomena, especially for those in their 20s, there still is an uneasy connotation around it. But that isn’t what …

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Conservatory Garden

In A Sense of Place, 10. Placemaking by Ella1 Comment

After the economic crisis of the 1970s, New York City was finally starting to get adequate funding through both public and private investments. A very large revitalization project that was taken on was Central Park. During this time of economic hardship, this gem of the city was neglected, dangerous, and crime-ridden. In 1980, the Central Park Conservancy, a private, nonprofit …

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Boring Boynton

In A Sense of Place, 9. Placelessness by Ella1 Comment

“Turn left on Jog,” my great aunt, Tanta Bea, says as we pass Jog Road, “that was Jog.” I see my cousin roll her eyes in the rear view mirror as she turns on her blinker to yet again turn around in a parking lot. From a safe distance in the backseat, I laugh. This is how most of our …

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The Wonder Years

In A Sense of Place, 8. The Vernacular Landscape by Ella2 Comments

I watch television shows like The Wonder Years and Freaks and Geeks and The Brady Bunch and am constantly envious of the buildings, streets, and landscapes shown. Each of these shows depicts the everyday lives of a family and the world they interact with in decades gone by. Whether it be a scene at school, in a car on the …

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I hope you are statusfied…

In A Sense of Place, 7. Sprawl and New Urbanism by Ella1 Comment

After my parents got married and started to think about having children of their own, the moved to Bedford, NY. Bedford Village is a town with a population a little less that 2,000 people. Bedford is a bubble. The schools are good, the village center itself is picturesque with colonial, white architecture that houses the post office, library, and riding …

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Get out and walk

In A Sense of Place, 5. Visions of Utopia by Ella2 Comments

After four years, 128 credits, a quarter of a million dollars, and a concentration in urban development and architecture, I should know about cities. I have memorized the construction dates of ancient monuments and written hundreds of pages on transportation, infrastructure, affordable housing, the grid system, and gentrification. It would be imperceptive to say that society doesn’t stress the need …

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Pier 45

In A Sense of Place, 4. The Social Life of Places by Ella1 Comment

My favorite thing about where I live is its close proximity to the water. In just two short blocks, I am at the Hudson River. Along the river runs a 550 square mile park, Hudson River Park. There are many components that make up this public space that spans from 59th Street down to Battery Park: restaurants, tennis courts, basketball …

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In My Room

In A Sense of Place, 2. The Spirit of Place by Ella1 Comment

Around the age of 10, having a really cool bedroom was really cool, which meant you were really cool, and that was really cool. Around 13, your bedroom became your world; ripped out pages of magazines covered your walls, your bed had a matching quilt set that your mom ordered from the PBteen catalog, and your stuffed animals made the …

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In A Sense of Place, 1. The Experience of Place by EllaLeave a Comment

Whenever I go somewhere new, I immediately find myself making comparisons to other places; it always sounds something like when you are trying to explain a dream “that took place at home,  but it wasn’t totally my home it was also partially school. And you were there but you were also kinda my mom.” It can drive people nuts, but …