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Blowing Up

In The Art of Travel Spring 2017, 8. Bubble, Florence by Delaney

Journeying to a new place usually starts out the same, you dip in your bubble wand into a soapy mixture of fluid assumptions. You get on a plane, train, or automobile bringing up the wand and starting to blow a bubble. As you meet people and places for the first time and you start to process things. You create a …

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Room for a New View

In The Art of Travel Spring 2017, 6. Book #1, Florence by Delaney

‘A Room with a View’ by E. M. Forster gives an enchanting yet romanticized view of Italy. The young Lucy Honeychurch and George Emerson both find a passion for life and each other through Italia. In a time where rigid social rules govern them Italy acts as a catalyst for both to find new outlooks. Lucy, throughout a majority of …

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Untying Tongues

In The Art of Travel Spring 2017, 2. Languages, Florence by Delaney

Traveling to a new place always brings with it an air of mystery, but the added notes of a foreign dialect makes it all the more exciting. When I first came to live in Florence, much like in Botton’s 3rd chapter from ‘The Art of Travel’, even simple denotations of Italian on the signs which littered the airport screamed the …