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The Undocumented

In The Art of Travel, 7. Travel 2.0, Berlin by Ashley Jankowski1 Comment

When I was younger, I loved to write my name in the sand whenever I went to the beach. It was a ballet performance of seashores and Mom-did-you-see-me’s. With one big toe, I’d scribble the A-S-H in childish cursive; I’d elegantly exaggerate the L-E to encapsulate miniature seashells in each; and with a final pointe I’d twirl the Y, tracing …

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The Great Wave

In The Art of Travel, 5. Politics, Berlin by Ashley Jankowski1 Comment

As a journalism student, I am often confronted with the question of whether or not to cover something or someone. The debate in New York City newsrooms typically centered around Donald Trump’s tweeting habits; here in Germany, I find that the the question shifts towards coverage about the newly established Parliamentary presence of the Alternative for Germany, or AfD. The …

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Spring To Come

In The Art of Travel, 4. The Spirit of Place, Berlin by Ashley Jankowski2 Comments

I grew up in a Catholic household, with prayers before dinner and Church on Sundays. I had been conditioned to identify sacred symbols and objects, and to distinguish ‘Holy’ spaces and people. Spirit was, in my young mind, inherently religious, something felt only in divine spaces, or bestowed upon you through the clergy. As I matured through study and self …

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Where Have I Been?

In The Art of Travel, 1. Introductions, Berlin by Ashley Jankowski

Where have I been? This is the single question that I whispered to myself as I began my solo wanderings through Germany. While the miles and the landscapes accrued behind me, this question remained in plain sight. I couldn’t pinpoint its purpose. What exactly was I trying to figure out? I’d never been to Europe before, and upon my arrival …