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Food Cart Street Culture

In A Sense of Place, Placemaking by Amy2 Comments

I emerge from the lecture hall after finishing up with a rigorous economic midterm and while I walk along Washington Square South toward Kimmel Student Center, my nose is bombarded with a wafting smell. I smell heavily seasoned chicken shishkabobs from the halal cart near Stern. The delicious smell excites my senses and my hunger surfaces. The anxiety I had …

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The Natural Order of Community Development

In A Sense of Place, New York Stories by AmyLeave a Comment

For out-of-towners who are visiting Flushing, Queens for the first time, there are three things that stand out – the Flushing Public Library on Kissena Boulevard and Main Street; the Starbucks across the street from the Public Library; and the Flushing, Queens MTA Station located pass the LIRR railway. These three sites have become landmarks for the small but dense, …

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Global Culture in an International City

In A Sense of Place, No-Places by Amy1 Comment

The description of Pierre Dupont’s plane ride from in the Prologue of Non-Places: Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermodernity is an accurate depiction of how globalized and homogenous places can exhibit characteristics of no-place, or lack cultural identity. With exception of the food on-board planes, which often reflect the cultural tastes of the home site, the act of traveling lacks a …

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Blurring Public and Private Boundaries

In A Sense of Place, Vernacular by Amy1 Comment

While reading J.B. Jackson’s chapter, A Pair of Landscapes, I thought about the distinction he makes between the human desire to live privately in defined boundaries and our need to socialize and be with others. He says, “ethologists and others who study animal behavior…tell how they (animals) respond to the presence of others of their kind and seem to languish …

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Suburbs: A Socially Constructed Nightmare

In A Sense of Place, Suburbia by Amy1 Comment

When I think about suburbia I think about cars and how cars and highways are the life-blood of urban sprawl. Cars and highways make suburbs appealing for people who are chasing the quintessential American Dream, but when they arrive in the suburb they realize that the places hardly embody the American Dream that was marketed to them. J. Waldie’s memoir …

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Efficiency in City Streets

In A Sense of Place, Utopia by Amy2 Comments

Jane Jacobs discussion on having mixed-use, old and new buildings intermingling in short city blocks is the one way we can build cities in order to support a city lifestyle that is desirable, and is a more efficient use of city spaces. Jacobs theory of urban planning is more desirable when contrasted with the master plans Moses, one of the …

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Identifying A Church In Corona, Queens

In City Form, New York City, A Sense of Place by Amy1 Comment

Lynch’s Image of the City accurately describes the differences between our cognitive maps and the geographic maps that help us navigate city streets. Our cognitive maps evolve from the experiences we have with space, but geographic maps rarely tell stories. Although there are stark differences between a cognitive and geographic map, they can also inform each other to help make …