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That Ubiquitous Dark

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It’s easy to think that people different from you are all the same. It’s easy, for example, to assume that all Asians are good at math, or skinny and small, or that they all look East Asian, with narrow eyes and dark hair. It’s also easy to assume that all Christian, lower-class white suburbans who live in the south are …

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Co Je Doma, To Se Počítá. — What’s at home, counts.

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How does one get at the essence of a place without burdening the reader with too much boring detail? That is probably one of the biggest questions that plagues all writers. At least, it has plagued me for as long as I’ve been writing seriously enough to worry. This, especially, is difficult. How do I convey the feeling of living …

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Where Do I Find Myself

In The Art of Travel, 3. Getting oriented, Prague by Alice

Everyone who has visited Prague probably remembers their first sight of the city. Whether it is the red rooftops, the pastel colors, or the lovely architecture, it is a city to be admired and enjoyed. For me, foreign to the European city-scape in general, the picture-perfect quality of streets were extraordinary. It was like everything had been planned and coordinated …

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The Space Between Our Words

In The Art of Travel, 2. Communicating, Prague by Alice

Languages are such cunning crafts of culture. They weave into your life and become invisible, discreet. They fuse into your life in ways that you can’t really understand until you leave them and take rest on a foreign shore. One can never really know how much one takes for granted until the sounds and symbols of an unfamiliar place robs …