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What’s Strange About the Young?

In The Art of Travel Fall 2017, 12. Strangers, Prague by Alice1 Comment

When people talk about strangers, children almost never come to mind. There’s something about the innocence of the younger generation that overrides the distinction we make between the familiar and the foreign, even if the children are from a completely different culture and speak a completely different language. Perhaps it’s easier to feel like we know them because they don’t …

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Raining, No Public Transport, Phones Dying, and Host Gone…?

In The Art of Travel Fall 2017, 11. Travails, Prague by Alice2 Comments

I’ve witnessed a great number of travails—losing luggage or passports, getting wallets stolen, having flights delayed and driving for hours in the middle of a snowy night midst the chaos of family and relationship drama, injuries and sicknesses and getting lost. I’ve experienced a couple of these myself, but more often, I’ve been in the position of trying to help …

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Between Love and Betrayal

In The Art of Travel Fall 2017, 10. Books (2), Prague by AliceLeave a Comment

Milan Kundera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being, unlike the first book I read this semester, depicts Prague from the perspective of a number of citizens living in the city, though some of them are not originally from there. Although the characters move between different locations throughout the book, they spend the majority of their lives in Prague, and their experiences …

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Co Je Doma, To Se Počítá. — What’s at home, counts.

In The Art of Travel Fall 2017, 4. The Spirit of Place, Prague by AliceLeave a Comment

How does one get at the essence of a place without burdening the reader with too much boring detail? That is probably one of the biggest questions that plagues all writers. At least, it has plagued me for as long as I’ve been writing seriously enough to worry. This, especially, is difficult. How do I convey the feeling of living …

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Where Do I Find Myself

In The Art of Travel Fall 2017, 3. Getting oriented, Prague by Alice1 Comment

Everyone who has visited Prague probably remembers their first sight of the city. Whether it is the red rooftops, the pastel colors, or the lovely architecture, it is a city to be admired and enjoyed. For me, foreign to the European city-scape in general, the picture-perfect quality of streets were extraordinary. It was like everything had been planned and coordinated …