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Seeking Out Contemporary Art

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Florence is the quintessence of the Renaissance. There’s no arguing with that. The abundance of art from this time period can be found in museums like the Uffizi Gallery and Accademia. When looking for something a little different, something contemporary, you have to venture slightly outside the historic city center. I visited the Luigi Pecci Center for Contemporary Art, located …

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Political Correctness in Italy?

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Compared to the United States, something I have personally witnessed as being different in Italy is the lack of concern with political correctness. I saw this come to fruition at the Carnavale di Viareggio, a carnival celebration with parade floats in the town of Viareggio. One of the most noteworthy floats was a grotesque image of America, depicting a huge …

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The Soul of Architecture

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The Basilica di Santo Spirito is the most unassuming building. It would be incredibly easy for someone walking by to overlook it, or deem it an abandoned structure that no longer serves its religious functions. Why does Santo Spirito look so bare? The lack of façade literally pales in comparison to the famed Duomo of Florence, with its pink, green, …