A Brief Species Study of KD Harbeck

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I wanted to go to Australia for my last semester at NYU because why not? I have a job ready for me in the fall and I just wanted to live a little before the real world hits me. I did not know anyone who was going to Sydney so I just did random roommates. I got to Australia a few days earlier because I plan on leaving early in order to make it in time for graduation. It was nice having the whole suite to myself… then everyone showed up. That is where I met KD, he lives in the room next to me and we have one class together.

I do not usually cook much, or at all, but whenever I go into the kitchen to grab some water or fruit KD is always there. It seems like he lives there. He does not do work in there, and sometimes I catch him watching television but most of the time he is cooking. Usually, it is chicken, sometimes it is ground pork, and on a rare occasion, it is beef. KD likes to meal prep so on Sundays he is in the kitchen hours on end. I must say, I wish I knew how to cook. I eat out a lot because I just cannot wrap my head around cooking – never could. I remember the first week of the semester I went into the kitchen for water and KD was having breakfast for dinner. He made poached eggs and avocado toast. I remember saying, “Damn! That’s some bougie brunch shit!” He said it was not anything fancy but it impressed me! He is a very healthy eater, well healthier than me. He always has plenty of fruit (bananas, grapes, watermelon) and every meal has protein and vegetables in it. Sometimes when he is tired of chicken he will pack a lunch for me and bring it to class, so we will just be sitting in lecture munching away.

We have Global Media together on Wednesdays. It is an interesting class but most of us spend the three-hour lecture on our computers. I usually sit across from KD. He actively participates in class but I think it is to mask that he is on Youtube – but hey, it works. I think it’s funny KD sometimes comes in panting because he refuses to take the train to class. Most of us tried walking to Science House the first week or two of classes but gave up on the 45 min walk – but not KD. Even if he is running late (because he must have a full breakfast consisting of eggs, toast, and coffee and sometimes oatmeal every morning) he walks, well actually runs. He says it wakes him up and he just rather walk (run) to class instead of taking the train. Sometimes we leave at the same time, take the elevator down together, and I head to the train station and KD starts his walk – and he still manages to get there before me. (I DON’T KNOW HOW!) It rains A LOT here and even when it is raining KD walks. One thing I have heard him say to others is that he does not like nor does he own an umbrella. I think this is crazy. Occasionally he will wear a rain jacket but often not. Another thing I think is interesting is how much water he drinks. He carried around two water bottles with him at all times both are 40oz? I think and he drinks 2-3 bottles worth of water in class! (He also gets up to pee every break but isn’t that a given with all that water.) I heard from his friends that during spring break he would buy liter water bottles from 7/11 and sometimes go through multiple in a day. It makes sense why his skin is so clear… HYDRATION!

Last but least, one thing I noticed about KD is his erratic sleeping schedule yet consistent gym schedule. His room being next to mine I can hear him on the phone sometimes and hear him come and go from his room. Sometimes he will be on the phone all night until 7 AM and other times he goes to bed at 8 PM and wakes up at 3 AM. It is so hard to predict. One thing that is constant is that when he is in the dorm for the day he goes to the gym around 7 PM or 8 PM that is an always. I joke around with him that I would have to call the police if I did not hear him go to the gym because that meant something was wrong.

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